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tv   BBC World News This Week  WHUT  January 9, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can they do for you? >> >"bbc world news." >> this week's headlines. we failed to connect the dots. president obama.
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metts serious shortcomings and analysis -- immense -- he admits shortcomings on intelligence. across the northern hemisphere. severe cold weather causing chaos, disrupting transports. million steel the chill of the big freeze. an egyptian soldier is shot dead at the gaza strip. reaching for the sky. dubai shakes off weeks of economic turmoil to unveil the world's tallest building. >> welcome to this week, a review of the major news story seen here on bbc world news. this week president obama detailed the mistakes that failed to stop the man accused of trying to blow up a plane on
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christmas day. he said u.s. intelligence received leads about the umar farouk abdulmutallab, but failed to share them and act on them quickly. since the attack security was tightened and people flying from nigeria and yemen faced full body stands and -- faced full body scans. he had a message for al qaeda. >> president obama said the review into the christmas day terrorist plot revealed alarming and avoidable lapses in counter-terrorism operations. >> the u.s. government had the informations scattered throughout the system to potentially uncover this plot and disrupt the attack. rather than a failure to collect intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence we had. >> in blunt language the report
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specifically blamed the cia and the national counter-terrorism center for failing to connect the dots. it also outlines additional new meases to try to prevent future attacks, including more emphasis on high priority threats and following intelligence leads. faster distribution of intelligence reports, moves to strike an analysis of intelligence and an immediate effort to add more people to america's no-fly list. >> these reforms will improve the ability to collect, integrate, and act on intelligence affectively. >> travelers should expect more delays and security screening as a result, specifically wider use of high-tech body scanners. >> we should accelerate this technology so we have greater
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capability to detect explosives likes the ones used -- like the ones used in the attempted attack. we are already scheduled to deploy 300 more. we made deploying more than that. >> these are nervous times. and later jets is courted one plane back to an airport in oregon because of a destructive passenger. officials said there was no known terrorists and link but it is a sign of how skittish this attack has made america. thousands of miles away yemeni officials revealed they nigerian man accused of that attempt may have met with a known u.s.-born radical cleric and members of al qaeda. but if the terrorist network is so widespread and diverse, kendeigh is a new measures really keep americans saved? -- can these measures keep
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america safe? >> there is no foolproof solution. our adversaries will seek new ways to evade this. >> the president suggested no one would be fired as a result, insisting failures were not the responsibility of any individual. instead the commander in chief took full responsibility for keeping the country safe, saying ultimately the buck stops with me. >> the threat of an al qaeda attack in yemen calls the british and u.s. embassies to shut down. authorities arrested three suspected al qaeda militants who were wounded in recent fighting and seized in a hospital north of the capital. our middle east editor reports from there. >> the anti-government put their anti-terrorist unit on display. they are under pressure from
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their allies to get results against al qaeda. while this was going on, his colleagues were on real operations not far away. this unit was part of the interior ministry trained by advisers from britain and the u.s.. the yemeni government is embarrassed by its military [unintelligible] it is politically difficult and dangerous, but at the same time they would like to get [unintelligible] at the moment they need all the help they can get. their instructors are not yemeni and made themselves scarce when the cameras that to close. many people believe you western military involvement may turn into al qaeda's best recruiting. water is one of many shortages here.
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>> this is the only hope that they have. what hope do they have? going to heaven. when they are busy and earning, and the problem of terrorism would be much less. >> these people did not like al qaeda. >> they are not muslims. muslims are not extremists. they are all terrorists. we don't want them here. >> even so al qaeda is a force, and the president has set a patchy record against it. despite his immense shootouts with al qaeda, he does not see it as the biggest threat to his regime. his army's main job has been fighting other challenges in the north and south, but the americans have different priorities. ruling yemen is a balancing act. al qaeda and western enemies are
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awaiting new presence. between then they could spend -- they could send the yen and spending -- they could send yemen -- >> in a hearing the suspect, only said he understood the charges against him. -- yo-- he said he understood the charges against him. parliament rejected more than two-thirds of the cabinet nominees. president karzai says the president's decision was bad news, but will be respected. >> it was a long and disappointing way 400 karzai. -- disappointing for karzai.
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his 17 rejected included a controversial former warlord who fought against the taliban. president carter signed wanted him to continue as energy minister. -- president karzai what did him to continue. he pledged to place more women in government posts in a male- dominated society. the nominations for justice, commerce, and communication also failed. among the successful reappointment or the interior minister and defense minister, but no one has been nominated to fill the post of foreign minister. it will not be decided until a conference on afghanistan takes place this month. the president said he will make some nominations but it is uncertain who he will announce.
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parliament has spoken and the president said he will respect its decision. the western allies will make it clear they want to tackle corruption and threaten to withhold funding from any ministry run by a corrupt politician. >> rescue operations continued in brazil after heavy rains killed at least 80 people. one resort collapsed after heavy rains. luxury houses were swept away and dumped into the sea. they tried to live tons of rubble and retrieve the bodies of victims. in some parts it rained more than five days than in one month. the u.s. lifted a 22-year ban preventing anyone with hiv from entering the country. the restrictions were introduced in the 1980's during the height of the tears. president obama says the measures were not compatible
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with america's ambitions in becoming a fighter against the disease. hundreds of workers in china try to contain an oil leak that spilled oil into the yellow river. pollution was recorded 33 millimeters down stream. it is the closest drinking water for millions of people. the president of iceland refused to ratify a bill to compensate britain and the netherlands for billions of dollars lost in an online bank collapse. the bill -- they would be paying for the government's mistakes. it will now go to a referendum. this led to their debt rating being downgraded. our correspondent has this report from brussels. >> the collapse of the online bank in october 2008 left thousands of british savers fearing for their money. government stepped in to guarantee their deposits, but
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wanted the icelandic government to pay up. weeks of heed debate finally approved a repayment scheme. the voters worried that the country could not afford it. almost one-quarter of the population signed a petition to withhold the president's signature and turn the bill into law. it referendum on the issue will follow. >> it has become more apparent that people must be convinced that they determine the future course. the involvement of the whole nation in the final decision will be a prerequisite for a successful solution. >> it is only the second time a president refused to sign a bill. the prime minister said she was disappointed. british and dutch ministers expressed their frustration, too. desperately needed help from
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international institutions like the imf could be blocked, but polls have shown icelandic voters don't want their government paying money when their economy is still in crisis. >> bitterly cold winter has gone across much of the northern hemisphere with some countries facing the harshest winter in a century. the big chill hit nations from europe to asia. >> a white blanket over northern europe making travel heart and treacherous. it was a lucky escape for schoolchildren on this bus in germany. the driver got all 30 children off before it was struck by a trained. in northern england at several airports temporarily closed, including manchester. it was a day off for thousands
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of schoolchildren and a number of matches have been cancelled. poland's modest river is completely frozen with temperatures -- poland's long this river is frozen. this leads to fears of flooding. a dramatic malan rescue in japan. there are a series of climbing accidents in the country. at least three people had died. snow-related problems continue in china. passengers on this train were stopped on board for more than 24 hours. -- they were stuck on board. it ran into a wall of snow, forcing people left in freezing temperatures with no heat. in this city the freezing weather has not stopped these
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bathers. it is the city's annual snow and ice festival. getting out is as painful as getting in. >> the former -- the formula one racing team had his lifetime ban from the sport over term. the penalty was impose by a ruling body that decides it he ordered the driver to crash deliberately in the 2008 singapore gran prix. in the philippines they suspect of ordering the massacre of 57 people appeared in court. a leading member of the planet was accused of targeting a rival political family. another significant step towards lasting peace in northern ireland. a group supporting the union
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with britain has completed the discretion of its weapons. and egyptian soldier was shot dead on the egypt/basara border. -- egypt/gaza border. they sent this report. >> this rally was on the gaza side. a convoy was trying to enter the blockaded territory. there was anger over egypt's construction of an underground barrier a long in its border designed to stop smuggling. it was not long before the pot -- before the protests that out of control.
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they were throwing things at the egyptian border guards. they shot at the crack and gunfire was heard from the palestinian side. one egyptian soldier was killed. tear gas was used by police to disperse the angry demonstrators. medical sources say several palestinians were injured. earlier international activists protested when they were told some of their vehicles could not pass through. that led to clashes with egyptian riot police. egypt is angry at the criticism it received. this is controlling its border is a matter of national security and sovereignty. >> with only months until a general election in britain, gordon brown faced another challenge. two former ministers wanted
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their colleagues to back a secret ballot on whether he should remain in charge. the prime minister dismissed it as [unintelligible] a suicide bomber killed six police officers in southern russia. the attacker tried to drive a car into the main yard of the police station as a parade was taking place, but a policeman rammed into the car and saved many lives. al qaeda's responsibility -- the attack at the cia base was carried out by a jordanian doctor working as a double agent. our correspondent caviled -- traveled to the capital for this exclusive report. >> driving to meat al qaeda to speak to a fighter who
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claims he recruits jordanians for al qaeda's cause. the militant is suspected of killing cia agents in afghistan this week. this man's praise for him was predictable. >> lots of people here would like to do something like that. he was a mortar. i would love to do what he did. -- he was a martyr. >> the bomber work as a doctor in this infamous suburb. al qaeda's #two grubb pierre. jordan has been aggressively -- al qaeda's number two gre up here. months ago the doctor was arrested here by a spy agency. he began working for them they thought as a double agent inside
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al qaeda. the family said they knew nothing about it. >> i just spoke to the sister of the bomber. she did say that she is angry and confused. she cannot believe her brother would do something like that. she describes him as a serious doctor whose life was all about his work and family. he did not have any extreme views, but one thing is for sure, she is told by officials not to speak to us or anybody. we have been told to get out of fear. -- to get out of here. officials are keeping tight- lipped about the attack on the cia agents. this is one of the reasons why. and member of jordan's royal family was killed along side the cia agents in afghanistan. he was a liaison officer between the jordanian and american secret services.
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the general work for jordan's powerful royal family for more than 20 years. he told me even this dramatic intelligence failure would not affect the close cooperation between jordan and the u.s. >> the hope is mutual, it is a two-way street. we don't claim to know as much as the u.s., but in the region we have been engaged in operations for the good part of 40 years. >> jordan's position is uncomfortable, a prominent muslim middle eastern nation whose policies are pro-western. they're people view the u.s. with suspicion, some even with violent hatred. >> it is a position germany has been more than happy to occupy since 2003, but on friday china
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overtook germany to become the world's largest exporter. chinese exports were worth 1.07 trillion dollars. german data showed that exports from europe were $20 billion less. this is likely to cause ripples. japan's position as the second- largest economy is also under threat. china is expected to overtake it this year. with more on the story is our correspondent in shanghai. >> it has not been an easy year for chinese exporters. the slowdown cut demand for their goods. this latest data shows despite this, china still sent more abroad than in europe's largest exporter, germany. more than anyone else in the world, in fact. china's competitors complain its currency is undervalued and and that helps it outperform them. they say it is unfair to the
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economy has recovered earlier and stronger than anywhere else has made its goods seem cheaper by keeping its currency week. china's prime minister has refused to about to pressure from other economies. the country will not yield, he said. >> china is due to publish figures for december in the next few days. the date that is expected to show exports rose for the first time in 13 months. good news for the country's economy, but critics will say more reason to allow its currency to strengthen to ensure trade can go smoothly throughout the world. >> as the week came to a close [unintelligible] at least nine members of the team were hurt by some seriously. the bus driver was killed.
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the team was traveling from its training camp to the [unintelligible] in the midst of a property crash, dubai has something to celebrate, opening a skyscraper that is now the world's tallest building. it can be seen from nearly 100 kilometers away. it is twice the size of the empire state building. >> after the concern about its debt, dubai has something to celebrate. it's arabic name meaning the khalifa tower. there are 164 floors. it will house a hotel, apartments and offices. once you are there you can see from over 18 kilometers into
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iran. building a tower so tall has not been easy, it has to cope with a strong winds and built close to a fault line. technical challenges aside, it has grown at a record pace. [unintelligible] it takes them more than eight weeks to clean their 26,000 windows. it has been designed specifically to withstand strong winds. >> we have to decide to reduce the amount of action that exists. we shape the building [unintelligible] one could do it as it slopes or as a step tower. we chose the step tower because it is cheaper. >> how does it measure up against other skyscrapers? it stands at 828 meters. that smashes the previous world record from the tower in taiwan.
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the sears tag. -- sears tower in chicago is down to fit place. the allies still need to rein in its debt. it was built during the good times. -- dubai still need to rein in its day. it seems those worries can wait. >> that is all from this week. join us again at the same time next week, but from may fro -- m e goodbye for now. >> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. union bank.
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